BAM Wine Logistics is a family owned company specialising in the storage and distribution of packaged wine, fine foods and FMCG products throughout Australia. Vinsight integrates with BAM Wine Logistics to automate the sending of products from their warehouses to your customers, from within Vinsight.

To set up a connection between Vinsight and BAM Wine Logistics, contact Vinsight Support. Set up costs are billable to you as a one-time fee. Contact us now for a quote and to get started.

Once a connection between Vinsight and your BAM Wine Logistics account has been set up and activated, you can use the Vinsight Sales Order list (or an individual Sales Order) to ship the products from a BAM Wine Logistics warehouse to your customer, as shown in the images below:





Please note this Add-on requires the use of multiple locations to function. As such, it is only available to accounts that are on the “Standard” or “Premium” subscription tiers.

See BAM Wine Logistics for more information.