Vinsight Software supplies a service to You that allows data entry, and reporting on wine business activities from the vineyard into the winery, and through to the despatch of packaged or bulk wine from the winery. In the course of providing this Service, we collect and store data about You and Your business. The following document outlines Our policy on that data.
  • You own Your data.

    We will make Your data available to You in a format of Our choice upon request within a reasonable timeframe. Your data will be available to You for a limited period (30 days) after the Expiration of Your Subscription.
  • We will store and make Your data available to You through the Service during Your Subscription period.

    We will make Our best efforts to make Your data available to You when You want to access it. We will backup Your data to help keep Your data available after any system outage or system disruption. However it is Your responsibility to retain backups and source copies of Your data and we will only help You do this but will not be responsible for this.
  • We will only disclose Your data to You, Your authorized users or anyone You have given authority to access Your data.

    We will only access Your data with Your permission. Your permission can be given by You or any of Your authorized users.
  • Your data is stored on secure servers controlled by Us.

    Communication with these servers and Your communication with the Service is encrypted using commercial grade SSL Certificates. However You should only access the Service from a suitable browser that has suitably maintained Anti-Virus, Firewall and/or encryption for accessing the Service safely.
  • We will monitor Your usage of the Service to help us run, support and improve the Service.

    We will use aggregate data to produce usage reports, You or Your individual data will not be identified eg: total users of the system, total volumes transacted by the system etc.
  • We may use Your and/or Your organisation's name as a listed user of the Service.

  • We store a cookie on Your computer that identifies Your login session.

    The cookie does not contain any confidential data about You, beyond that needed to identify you as a authorized user.
  • The Service will not store your credit card details.

    If You choose to pay by credit card, Your credit card details will be encrypted and stored securely stored by Our Payment Provider to allow Us to make recurring payments. Our staff cannot access Your credit card details from Our Payment Provider.
  • We will not share any of Your personal information to any third party

    unless authorized by You or unless covered by another clause of this document or our Terms and Conditions.
  • Our Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.

    If there are any clauses that are in conflict between these documents, the Terms and Conditions takes precedence.