Do you use set ingredients and quantities to create your brew?  Save time by adding a ‘recipe’ to Vinsight to ensure default instructions and ingredients (with quantities adjusted to reflect the volume you are working with) are at your fingertips whenever you do an operation. Add a ‘recipe’ by creating a new operation type with the default…


Peckham’s produce 30 different cider varieties on the family orchard in the Moutere Valley near Nelson, NZ. In talking with Alex Peckham this week, I found out how Vinsight has helped Alex and Caroline’s business grow and flourish in this growing industry of cider production.

Peckham's Cider

Peckham’s Cider

Peckham’s is a small business who were using paper for record keeping and processes when they went looking for an alternative. “We were not really complicated in our processes and were looking to upgrade our systems.” Peckham explored other cloud based options but found that although they covered the cidery functions, they weren’t linked to other parts of the business process. They needed a flexible system to accommodate the cider process outside of winemaking per se, and Vinsight offered this solution.
When signing up a key deciding factor was Vinsight’s ability to integrate with Xero Accounting software. “What we like about Vinsight is that it follows the product through from orchard to accounting. The fact that it integrates perfectly with Xero and we can invoice directly from Vinsight is a real plus for us.”
Alex explains, “In the cidery we have to track both draft and bottled stock which can be challenging, but Vinsight does it all for us. We’ve also found its great for stock and inventory management. We were initially thinking about implementing a separate specialised stock management system at an extra cost but now it is superfluous.” In being audited last week Alex says having all the traceability information in Vinsight at their finger tips made a big difference. “It seemed to inspire more confidence in the auditor and they felt they could ask more questions knowing that getting the answer was going to be quick and easy.”
Alex said he loves the fact that Vinsight is a small and personalised service and not a big corporation. “You can speak to the guys at Vinsight about any ideas or improvement suggestions you might have to make your user experience better and they will take it on board. There are so many layers to Vinsight, once you get past the initial learning curve that comes with any new system, its very easy to use.”
The cider industry is very healthy at present with an impressive global growth forecasted in the coming years. Vinsight is proud to be able to help cider producers like Peckham’s deliver their exquisite product to the world. At Vinsight we actively continue to improve the user experience for businesses both inside and outside the wine industry like Peckham’s. A big thanks to Alex & Caroline Peckham for their ongoing support.