We know what you did last night

Do you ever have that feeling that someone has been messing with your stuff? Well now you can see who. Below the “Save”, “Edit” and “Cancel” button area on a detail view for any object, there is a bar labelled “Activity”. If you expand this view, you will be shown a log of all the actions that…


New graphs

Hi guys, With today’s upgrade we’ve added a new graphing system for Lab Analyses. It lets you easily view the progress of things like your ferments and maturity monitoring. Here’s an example graph: You can configure what lines to show for which Analysis Sets by editing any Analysis Set and ticking “Show on Graph”: The…


Profit is important!

Knowing that you are making a return on every bottle you sell and the margin on that sale is critical in measuring your return on investment. The hardest part of that equation is working out the cost per bottle. With that in mind we have released a new version of Vinsight that is heavily focused…


New release

In this post: * New version released * Updated features * Beta program for new reporting features * Re-setting an expired trial   Updated version available We are happy to announce the release of a new update to our web based version of Vinsight. If you are an existing customer or currently trialling with us,…


US Sales Trip Tips

So I am half way through a sales trip to California where my colleague and I have attended one of the largest wine industry tradeshows: the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. Having been one of the last exhibitors to secure a place we really had to scramble to get here and that has meant that… Details

Stuck in the headlights

Today our vineyard and winery management software became an offical Xero Add-on. Woot Woot! That in itself is great news and we are really excited to get working with such a great piece of software and it fits our long term philosophy that we don’t make accounting software, we make winery software. But what really…