US Sales Trip Tips

So I am half way through a sales trip to California where my colleague and I have attended one of the largest wine industry tradeshows: the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. Having been one of the last exhibitors to secure a place we really had to scramble to get here and that has meant that… Details

Stuck in the headlights

Today our vineyard and winery management software became an offical Xero Add-on. Woot Woot! That in itself is great news and we are really excited to get working with such a great piece of software and it fits our long term philosophy that we don’t make accounting software, we make winery software. But what really…


Vinsight plus Xero On-line Accounting

One of the many advantages of our web-based version of Vinsight is that we integrate with Xero on-line accounting. You will be able to sell your packaged wine directly from Vinsight, taking advantage of our multi-warehouse, multi-currency inventory system, and have the invoices show up directly in your Xero account ready for approval and debtor…


Are you conversant with voip

Pick up a small stone, it is time to slay Goliath. Incumbent telcos, probably the world over, but at least in New Zealand seem to have little idea that the innovative small companies that are agile and responsive with their services and offerings are about to bring these large incumbent, unweildy organisations to their knees.…