We are a Single Malt Distillery that manufactures a range of spirits, including Vodka, Gin, Liqueurs and Whisky. We use Vinsight to track all aspects of our inventory, from production through to sale. Vinsight provides us with real time visibility of inventory, reporting and is well-integrated with our systems. The Vinsight team are responsive to queries, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional to deal with.

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Cardrona Distillery

I’ve had a few different auditors through (everything is sooooo regulated these days) and they particularly like the Vinsight system – Customs & Excise were particularly impressed, said it was the best they’ve come across. So thanks, guys, for all your hard work.

Brenda Marris, Mills Reef Winery

We craft a range of ales, lagers, sours and special barrel-aged beers. Vinsight makes it possible to manage the traceability required of our Deemed Food Control Plan across raw goods, unitanks, brite beer tanks, barrels, kegs, and bottles on out to the end customer – be they retail or wholesale.  This is the brewery inventory management tool I’ve been looking for.

Chris Mills, Kereru Brewing Co.Brewer

…We produce Cider, Fruit Wines and Fruit Vinegars and bottle on site in very small batches from large bulk wine tanks. Vinsight has been extremely helpful keeping track of each batch. The set up process was incredibly easy and there is always someone on the other end of the phone to help out at any time. I would definitely recommend this software…

Merophy Hyslop, Redwood Cider CompanyWinemaker

Vinsight proves to be a powerful tool that allows us to manage traceability from individual vineyard blocks to the bottle. On request, their technical team developed specific record keeping additions to suit our Ontario winemaking regulations. We have been very satisfied with their quick response time and professional level of service.

Marlize Beyers, Hidden Bench

“We produce wine for several customers on the Island and the decision to use Vinsight has increased the efficiency of working with multiple batches, vineyard blocks and products. Having used another system in the past, I have found Vinsight to allow greater flexibility and simplicity in both operation and reporting, I find myself spending far less time in front of the computer updating records and auditing, allowing greater time on the floor and in the vineyard.”

Mudbrick Vineyard

I have been working with Vinsight Software for 3 years. The data-keeping aspect of Winemaking is most Winemakers’ nightmare but Vinsight makes it systematic and easy and I can’t imagine going through an audit without it.We also find its a great tool for running cellar tasks during harvest.When I have used the support desk they are always very professional and patient and they seem to have a genuine interest in the success of our business and our wines which makes them like an honorary part of our team.

Jen Parr, Terra Sancta