What kind of computer do I need to run Vinsight?

You can run Vinsight on just about any kind of computer: a Mac, iPad, Windows PC. Linux, Android Tablet… All you really need is a good browser and an internet connection.

What browsers do you support?

We are providing leading edge software that you can run anywhere on any type of device which gives you a huge amount of freedom, the only thing we require in return is that you use a leading edge and up to date browser. Therefore we recommend you use either Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We do NOT support out of date or older browsers eg Internet Explorer 8 or older.

The great news is that all our recommended browsers are FREE and you can download them here:  Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Is there any setup fee and what is the minimum commitment?

The great news is that for the online version of Vinsight there is no setup fee and your only commitment is for the currently billing period which is usually a month. So generally: NO setup fee and NO commitment beyond the current month.

However, we do offer a version of Vinsight that can be hosted on your servers,  and there is an implementation fee and a minimum yearly commitment. Please ask us about this option if you are interested.

Does Vinsight meet our winemaking regulations?
Vinsight is used by wine companies in many parts of the world including North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In all these jurisdictions Vinsight provides traceability and blend data to help you pass your audits, prove your label claims and meet your food safety responsibilities. We trace fruit harvests, bulk wine and juice purchases, blend compositions, additives and their lot codes along with many other parts of the winemaking process.