If you are an accountant, business advisor or someone recommending Xero to you clients then the information below may prove useful.

  1. What are the 3 main industries Vinsight is suited for?
    1. Sales and Distribution or any business needing to track inventory
    2. Wine, Beer or food manufacture
    3. Any other industry where traceability or inventory is important (eg food or batch production)
  2. What is Vinsight's competitive advantage? I.e. What makes Vinsight better than competitors in the market
    1. Vinsight focuses on its core competencies of Inventory, Sales and Distribution in the beverage sector, rather than trying to be all things to all people like some of our competitors.
    2. We are also more agile than many of our competitors and often able to be more responsive, and example of this is recent custom tax handling in Australia for the niche area of WET tax.
    3. We are innovative, we understand that it is a balance of features and design that makes an app successful and that sometimes it is better not to have a feature than have a badly implemented one.
  3. A contact name, email, and phone number that Senior Account Managers can provide to clients


    Simon Lampen


    View Simon Lampen's LinkedIn profile  View profile of @simonlampen   call lampensf lampensf 
  4. The last Xero event Vinsight attended was


    An industry specific event last year with Xero Partner of the year winners Winstanley Kerridge :  Winery Accounting - Your Complete Cloud Solution

  5. A page informer
Vinsight is an inventory, sales and manufacturing app well suited for the wine or indeed any beverage industry.
Check out what we do.

Our App

  • Inventory of  Work in progress, Dry goods/componentry and finished goods
  • Cost management both direct and indirect through work orders and overhead allocation features
  • Work management to aid the production/manufacturing process
  • "Boutique" tax handling such as Excise Tax, WET tax etc that apply to specialist industries like wine but are hard to handle generically in Xero
  • Multi-currency sales and purchase orders makes it ideal for supporting importing and exporting based businesses
  • Multi-tiered pricing to support diverse customer groups or per customer negotiated pricing
  • Multi-location Inventory to support geographically spread warehousing and distribution

Our customers

We currently have customers in NZ, Australia, UK, Canada and the US with local pricing for each of these.

Customers range from craft/boutique sized operations to those valued over USD$100 million (NZD$130 million) so we have an offering for all sizes. Have a look at a selection of them on Pinterest.

Our Company

We are based in Devonport,  Auckland, New Zealand with experience in the beverage, sales and distribution industry. We are focused on providing the best features in our areas of expertise and then optimising data sharing with other apps in using the Xero add-on ecosystem.

If you have accountants or customers in the production, inventory, sales and distribution particularly with reference to the beverage industry, then Vinsight is a good starting point as an app to complement Xero.