In this post:
* New version released
* Updated features
* Beta program for new reporting features
* Re-setting an expired trial
Updated version available
We are happy to announce the release of a new update to our web based version of Vinsight. If you are an existing customer or currently trialling with us, you do not have to do anything, your installation has been updated and is available for immediate use. Login in or indeed sign up at to get going. If you have trialled with us in the past see the details later in this email if you would like another chance to review our features.
Updated features with this release
Lab Analyses
* You can now record all your analyses with a big range of analysis types.

Analysis Sets
* You can control the number of analysis type codes that you see by creating and using Analysis Sets. We have created some default ones for you e.g: Maturity Monitoring, Ferment Charts, Finished Wines and a Default set. Feel free to add, amend or delete these as you like.

* Updating either the Sub Block or the Quantity of an uncompleted Harvest with update the matching areas of any related Winery Operation.

Winery Operation Variance Controls
* If your operation fails validation because you are losing or gaining too much wine, you can now override non-fatal variances warnings by entering a variance reason code.

Purchase Orders
* There is a brand new Purchase Order print out for you to get ordering any of supplies needed in the winery or vineyard.
* Furthermore receiving a Purchase Order or despatching a Sales Order now updates the inventory levels.

Vessel Settings
* You can now create, edit and use Vessel Groups and Vessel Types which gives you better control of vessel capapcities, differences between barrels, tanks and ferments etc.

*There are also numerous other bug fixes and improvements.
Beta program for new reporting features
We would like to invite anyone wishing to try our reporting features that we are introducing into our medium subscription level. This is the availability of pdf based reports where you can set the criteria of what data you want to see in the reports. If this is of interest then drop us an email and we can put you onto our beta testing program.
Expired trials
If you have had a trial that has expired in the past and would like to have a look at our latest features, please drop us an email and we would be happy to reset this for you.