Use Vinsight’s ‘Stock Item Movements Schedule’ to review stock requirements for your upcoming packaging operations and to ensure stock is ordered in time for these operations. This feature gives you accessible and actionable Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

This feature is available from both the Stock Items List or the Packaging Operations List.


The Stock Item Movements Schedule will identify all upcoming planned usages and purchases, highlighting any deficits.


Quickly identify when additional stock will be required and create the purchase orders for that stock directly from this page.


Vinsight automatically group purchases together from the same Supplier, and also takes into account ‘lead times’ defined on each Stock Item.


Reloading the report will show the updated Movements Schedule and the purchase orders created.


To make the most of this feature, you should get into the habit of scheduling operations ahead of time as detailed in our ‘Planning Ahead’ post.

See Stock Item Movements Schedule for more detail.