You are now able to track different lots of the same Stock Item in inventory, while still selling the item as a generic product. For example, when picking for despatch, you can see that the following order for seventeen cases of Plaintree 2017 Chardonnay is being fulfilled with eleven cases from Lot Code 1 and six from Lot Code 2.


To use this feature, follow the instructions at Using Lot Codes to set up a parent (generic) stock item to sell and child (lot code specific) stock items to track.

This feature can also be used with Composite Products, such as a mixed case. Read more about tracking lot codes with Composite Products here. The following image shows the Despatch Note for an order of a composite product comprised of lot code tracked items. It also shows the warning given when there is insufficient stock available to fulfil an order, indicating that the transaction will be temporarily filled with the latest stock item.