Managing stock availability is key to running an efficient, responsive business.  If you are on a subscription that supports inventory tracking,  Vinsight will ensure this information is always at your fingertips.  Whenever you create a Sales Order, Vinsight will check that you have the stock available and, if on a multi-location subscription, whether it is at the preferred location for that customer.

With composite products, such as a ‘Gift Basket’ or ‘Summer Wine Collection’, Vinsight will inform you, not only how many you have in stock, but also how many more you can generate with existing stock supplies.


You can also access this information by viewing the Stock Item itself, and, if desired, drill deeper into the relevant information by clicking the links provided.

If you would prefer that production runs and pending purchase orders do not affect the availability balance, then clicking the ‘(settings)’ link next to the Sales Availability title allows you to control this system wide:

Finally the ‘Stock Availability for Sales’ Report will allow you to review availability of all your stock items.


For more information see Stock Availability.