Knowing that you are making a return on every bottle you sell and the margin on that sale is critical in measuring your return on investment. The hardest part of that equation is working out the cost per bottle. With that in mind we have released a new version of Vinsight that is heavily focused on the costs side of running a winery. These new features are only enabled for our wine business and premium wine business subscription levels.

Receiving fruit and juice

In the harvest and bulk receival detail views, we have added a new section called "Cost Information" where you can put in how much the fruit or juice cost you. As you insert values, the other values will automatically work forward or backwards to calculate the correct cost information for unit cost or total cost. You can also go back later and edit the cost information, which will redistribute the prices of everything that came from that harvest or bulk receival automatically.



As well as this, we have added a "Where Is It Now?" tab to both harvests and bulk receivals that allows you to see exactly where the fruit or juice is at the moment, whether some of it is in vessels, or even in bottles and despatched out. There is also a helpful summary of the cost per litre/gallon of the crushed fruit or juice:



Looking in Vessels

To go with this, we have also added a "by Source" and "Cost Summary" tab to the Vessel composition area. These allow you to see where the contents of the vessel have come from, as well as the related prices and an overall unit cost.



The "Cost Summary" tab takes the totals from the "by Source" tab and adds them to the cost of any additives to the vessel, resulting in a more accurate unit cost for the vessel:



If you want to see this information in a printed format, check out the Vessel Composition report, either on a tank by tank basis using "Report type: Composition", or for a full report, use "Report type: Cost Summary"


Bulk Despatches

We have also added a "by Source" tab to the Bulk Despatches view that has the same functionality as the one on the Vessel detail. At this point there is no "Cost Summary" for bulk despatches but that will be added later as and when it is useful.



Accounting for Overheads

The Component Allocator allows you to allocate overheads. A simple tool that allows you to take your costs like wages, rent, R&M and utilities and with the click of a button allocate these costs to wines in the winery based on criteria of your choice. More accurate margin reporting from more accurate cost of sales.